LED lighting has been used in a variety of retail applications, from light ropes to bulbs. They are there to illuminate and help save money.

Most likely you have LED lights in your recessed lighting, and you may even have a few LED signs. Without an led light panel on every retail shelf, however, you could be missing potential business and conversion opportunities.

If you want to maximize your sales in retail, you need your products to stand out in the sea of options. More importantly, you need customers to know what you have to offer.

5 Reasons Every Retail Outlet Should Have LED Light Panels on Their Shelves

1. Even Illumination of Product Lines

The most important reason to use LED light panels is that they illuminate evenly, compared to other forms of product lights. No more gaping dark holes on the shelves from accent lighting. Instead, you can illuminate the entire shelf and display all your products with ease.

2. Longer Lifespan

When posting signs on your retail shelves or above them, you will have them placed out of reach. Traditional light bulbs degrade when they are turned on and off, which means you need to wait for full light to come on before turning them off.

With LEDs, Consumer Reports says that CFLs degrade rapidly, while LEDs can cycle on and off without harm.

3. Display Products Without Making Your Store Too Hot

You need a comfortable shopping environment to encourage people to buy, and you also want to keep your cooling costs low. LED light panel can display your messages and illuminate products, but they emit very little heat compared to halogen and other types of bulbs.

In fact, compared to an incandescent halogen (burning at 327 degrees Fahrenheit), a LED is much cooler (at 107 degrees Fahrenheit).

4. Incredibly Easy to Use

So that your employees are not fumbling around and wasting time, LED light panels are extremely user-friendly. In fact, they are lightweight, easy to handle, and you can swap items in and out with ease.
If you are unsure about placement or need assistance with the installation requirements, the team at GLLS offers continuous support for all products we sell.

5. Dimmable to Suit Your Illumination Needs

Want to take away some of the brightness to highlight the groves and features of a product? Perhaps you have a white poster that does not require as much wattage? Dimmable LED light panels allow you to lower the brightness, but still, provide you with even light.

At GLLS, we offer a three-year warranty on our LED light panel products, and most can be delivered in seven to 10 days after ordering. All our panels come with a 50,000-hour lifespan, which means you will get plenty of use from your new purchase.

Whether you have questions or need technical support, the sales and service team at GLLS is always here to help.

Order your store’s LED light panels by calling us at 888-580-6366 or request a a quote with your lighting questions.