5 Reasons Your Store Needs an LED Light Panel on Every Shelf

LED lighting has been used in a variety of retail applications, from light ropes to bulbs. They are there to illuminate and help save money.Most likely you have LED lights in your recessed lighting, and you may even have a few LED signs. Without an led light panel on every retail shelf, however, you could be missing potential business and conversion opportunities.If you want to maximize your sales in retail, you need your products to stand out in the sea of ... Read more

Lighting Translucent Stone Countertops

[rev_slider alias="backlit-stone"]Illuminating Translucent Stone With LED Light PanelsThinking about illuminating translucent stone? Here are a few frequently asked questions that we've answered to help guide you in the right direction:Can LED Light Panels support a massive translucent stone slab?Yes! LED Light Panels can support the weight of a stone slab; however there are a few important guidelines:1. The LED panel is an acrylic sheet with LEDs installed along the edges. When placing weight on top, it is important that it ... Read more

Why LED Light Panel Offers Advantages With Its Ultra Thin Design

LED lights are quickly gaining attention for the many benefits they offer customers. From better light uniformity to lower energy costs, the advantages of using LED light panels quickly add up. The products from LED Light Panel offer customers an additional benefit as well: the thinness of the product. Some might look at the sleek design and note that it offers considerable aesthetic value, but the shape and style offer bonuses that are also much more utilitarian. A number of professionals, ... Read more

What LED Light Panel Color Temperature You Should Use for Your Project?

Whether you're using an LED light panel as your sole source of light or to create visual appeal, you'll want to consider color temperature. Color temperature refers to where the color falls on the Kelvin spectrum between blue and red. Blue temperatures are cooler with higher Kelvin ratings while red temperatures are warmer, and there's a right time to use color of a specific range. When you buy LED light panels, you'll typically want natural light if you're using the lights ... Read more

Top 3 Reasons Framed LED Light Panels Are Superior

Frameless LED light panels are popping up across the industry. We at Green LED Lighting Solutions are not jumping on this bandwagon. We believe that in order to enjoy the many advantages of using LED light panels, quality should not be compromised. Our products have served the needs of businesses of all sizes and forms, from Fortune 500 companies to those that are up-and-coming, so they can meet their objectives, We stand behind our use of frames with our line of ... Read more

LED Light Panels Can Bring a Sophisticated Look to your Office.

As you have probably noticed, the world is leaning more and more toward finding ways to be natural. In terms of both health and the environment, we are constantly looking for ways to go green. One such way to do this is to buy LED light panels. Better yet, when you use them in the office, both you and your co-workers will gain a wide array of benefits. In fact, let's take a closer look at the ... Read more

How LED Light Panels Offers Your Project Fast Lead Times

Whether you're upgrading your business or getting ready to open your doors for the first time, you have a lot of tasks to juggle. Our LED light boxes and panels are a high-quality signage solution that your project won't have to wait on. In less than ten days, you'll be able to display to the world your name, logo and products in bright, colorful light boxes and panels. Why LED Light Signs Are Different Traditional light boxes and panels use fluorescent ... Read more

How LED Light Panels Can Offer Custom Tailored Solutions

The Acrylic Edge Lit LED Panels we offer here at can feel like a dream come true for those who are seeking an ideal, flexible and reliable solution for uniform backlighting. We offer far more flexibility in our panel production than our competitors and can create custom-tailored lighting solutions for just about any need. We offer some of the most accurate imaging in the industry as well as precise custom sizing that can address any requirement your business has.Consistency Plus ... Read more

The Multiple Benefits of Going Green with LED Lighting

LED light panels are capable of emitting diverse levels of illumination as a light source, allowing otherwise dim atmospheres, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and interior rooms that don't have access to natural light to have a bright and airy feel.LED Light panels have a wide range of color temperatures including color-changing RGB.When used to replace traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, owners and users will find the LED systems are far brighter, last far longer, and have a number ... Read more

How LED Light Panels Can Illuminate Your Retail Advertisement

LED lighting is used to illuminate specific areas of a commercial space. For example, LED directional lighting may flank an art piece mounted on a wall in order to accentuate its features and details for the viewer or audience. The same concept is used in a commercial space to highlight a product.An LED Light Panels Enhance Eye Catching AdvertisementsAn LED light in a jewelry display case, a merchandise window of a clothing retail shop or an end cap display in a ... Read more
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