Why LED Light Panels Beat Out Traditional Under-Cabinet Lighting

You may have thought you were updating the look and efficiency of your office, restaurant or shop by switching to energy-saving overhead lights. While that may have been a good start, you can still turn it up a notch by lighting up other areas. Increase your space’s efficiency, visibility and ambiance even further with LED light panels under your cabinets.LED Light Panels Custom-Sized to Fit in Space Under Cabinet Whether you have no existing under-cabinet lighting or are stuck with energy-wasting, ... Read more

How LED Light Panels Can Add Ambiance and Mood to Restaurant Atmosphere

If you want to draw in a large crowd to your restaurant on busy nights, it involves more than just the right kind of decor and a delicious menu. The lighting in your establishment can actually go a long way towards influencing how many customers will dine at your restaurant. The application of an LED light panel with a custom design can allow your restaurant to flourish in regards to its design. You can take advantage of an RGB range as ... Read more

Why You Should Use LED Light Panels to Enhance Your Promotions

Implementing LED light panels into your business or workplace can actually increase promotions and thus sales. A research organization called BRE recently reported as much, giving retail and other companies reason to consider this inventive new means of drawing in further income. These businesses don't have to change much about their initial marketing design to make a huge impact on their customer base and grow it even further. These businesses can garner customer attention easily just by back-lighting their advertisements or ... Read more

How LED Light Panels are replacing fluorescent ceiling light options and retail stores

Light bulbs have been in the news lately as the ban on the manufacture of new incandescent lights has gone into effect. While this change largely affects homeowners because few businesses relied on incandescent lighting, it has brought more attention to the available lighting options for all settings. This has caused many businesses to revaluate their use of fluorescent lights, and many have begun to install LED lighting instead. How LED lights work Unlike other styles of light bulbs, LEDs consist ... Read more

How LED Lights Enhance Point of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase displays must attract attention. Their job is to focus your customers on a product that they'll desire immediately. But there's a lot of competition. So how do you make a display stand out from the rest? LED light panels are a great place to start. Some of the ways LED light enhances point of purchase displays include:Influence over how customers view a product on display. Minimal maintenance and long-life. Highly cost efficient. Product-friendly.Let's take a closer ... Read more
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