V-Cut Pattern: Engraved by a CNC machine, a V-Cut pattern is a method of etching acrylic. This method is very precise and requires the proper machinery and trained operators. Large surface areas can also be very machine intensive.

Edge Lit: Creating a light source that is indirect through edge lighting a material (acrylic) which makes the material the light source. Ideal for creating a uniform, consistent light source.

LED Light Box:
Often used in advertising and promotion and typically to illuminate graphics, LED Light Boxes offer an alternative to traditional light boxes that generally used fluorescent lights and were extremely heavy and bulky.

LED Light Panel: A uniform light sheet ideal for high-end backlighting solutions that is created by edge lighting acrylic with the light being distributed evenly through a patented CNC etched groove pattern.

RGB: Red, Green, Blue. Refers to color changing product that blends Red, Green, and Blue together to make millions of colors. Color mixing is done through a controller.