If you want to draw in a large crowd to your restaurant on busy nights, it involves more than just the right kind of decor and a delicious menu. The lighting in your establishment can actually go a long way towards influencing how many customers will dine at your restaurant.

The application of an LED light panel with a custom design can allow your restaurant to flourish in regards to its design. You can take advantage of an RGB range as well as cool white and warm white hues to come up with unique colors and lighting that no other restaurant in town has. This provides a one-of-a-kind look that will undoubtedly pique the attention and the interest of hungry people looking for a fine dining experience.

To attract customers, you can use LED edge-lit acrylic lighting panels. You can order these to any customizable size that you prefer whether you want large or small panels. Even better than that, you won’t have to wait long for these LED light panels to arrive at your restaurant for you to install. Generally, these lights have a fast lead time of less than five days. If your restaurant wishes to sample these innovative lights before ordering a full supply, you can receive panels sized at 6.5 by 6.5 inches.

Upon delivery, restaurants that install these LED edge-lit acrylic lighting panels can immediately begin enjoying backlighting that creates an intimate and interesting ambiance. The V-cut technology within each light allows a number of LED lights that come edge-mounted to provide illumination for each panel. This removes the troublesome problem of uneven lighting with larger LED panels. As a restaurant, you may want to use larger panels for your decor. With this V-cut technology, you won’t have to worry about dimmed or uneven lighting even on the biggest panels that you can custom order.

Beyond that, your restaurant will actually save money on these LED light panels. Due to the technology that these panels use, restaurants will experience at least 70 percent in energy savings. This leads to a smaller energy bill. With that added money, a restaurant can spend more on advertising, design, hiring new chefs, or adding new foods to the menu. These lights also will last a restaurant quite a while, as they generally burn for at least 60,000 plus hours at the minimum.

Restaurants that order these acrylic edge lit LED panels can also enjoy a three-year warranty that gives establishment owners peace of mind. This warranty covers any issues with the material or even with workmanship.