LED lighting is used to illuminate specific areas of a commercial space. For example, LED directional lighting may flank an art piece mounted on a wall in order to accentuate its features and details for the viewer or audience. The same concept is used in a commercial space to highlight a product.

An LED Light Panels Enhance Eye Catching Advertisements

An LED light in a jewelry display case, a merchandise window of a clothing retail shop or an end cap display in a retail store guides the customer’s eye to a product.
It creates a suggestive emphasis that stimulates the unconscious to make a decision to focus on the product the business is currently promoted for sale.

LED VS Traditional Lighting Options

LED commercial lighting also has the advantage of using a lower level of energy compared with standard fluorescent lighting. The LED light bulb also lasts longer. The savings can be translating to higher overall revenue for a business utilizing LED lighting.

The key to using LED lighting is merchandising strategically to highlight one product or a key product in each merchandise category that has a theme for a target customer or has a unique selling proposition.

A business’s marketing strategy may guide which products to highlight, and the LED Light Panel can support the overarching plan.

Lighting design is also important for rendering a balanced visual concept that appeals to the target customer’s eye and showcases the business brand consistent with its design reputation and image.

Other LED lighting techniques:

  • An LED Light Panel or acrylic edge-lit LED panel is a decorative light that can display a logo of a business or product on the wall, which can promote a marketing campaign with a lighting display.
  • LED lights do not burn out, but instead slowly fade. Replacement is necessary when a bulb operates at about 70 percent capacity. Purchasing all LED light bulbs at or about the same time will help manage replacement maintenance.
  • Hiring a lighting architect or merchandiser to plan a revamp of the store‚Äôs lighting experience can create an opportunity for a release of new merchandise or a new marketing approach.
  • When gradually implementing an LED lighting concept, routinely select a product to highlight and create a display and install accompanying LED lighting. Eventually, LED will replace all traditional fluorescent lighting schemes in your commercial space.