Whether you’re upgrading your business or getting ready to open your doors for the first time, you have a lot of tasks to juggle. Our LED light boxes and panels are a high-quality signage solution that your project won’t have to wait on. In less than ten days, you’ll be able to display to the world your name, logo and products in bright, colorful light boxes and panels.

Why LED Light Signs Are Different

Traditional light boxes and panels use fluorescent bulbs for the light. These bulbs produce hot spots on the sign because the lighting is uneven. They generate a lot of heat that you pay for with your utility dollars. They are also difficult to dispose of and can be dangerous if broken. The EPA says that you should leave the room for a few minutes should a fluorescent tube break to allow the vaporized mercury gas to escape. Finally, the dimensions of these bulbs limit the sign’s shape and size.

Our technology uses a series of LEDs mounted in a V-channel to maximize the amount of light you get. This design reduces the heat and lets you get almost 50,000 hours from the LEDs. Your sign is uniformly lit with no hot spots. Whether you buy LED light panels or light boxes, your sign can be clearly seen from a distance.

By not using the bulky fluorescent tubes, our light panels and boxes are ultra-thin. No more heavy signs sticking out from the wall. Our signs are also not constrained to standard sizes. We can custom make any size panel or box for any location in your business. These signs can also be safely used anywhere in North America.

LED Light Panels

These thin, lightweight signs can be mounted anywhere. These backlit signs can be made in custom sizes and all use our patented V-Cut technology to get the most out of the LED lights. You’ll find many ways to use these signs to promote your business, products and services.

LED Light Boxes

These are available in single or double-sided designs. The even lighting from our V-Cut design produces no hotspots and your sign will look great when viewing from any angle. Thinner than other industry LED light boxes, the frame is also easy to open to change your signs.

Why Our Company is Different

Our professionals can help you design the perfect lighted sign for your business. We developed the V-Cut technology to create the best looking sign in the market. We can deliver your custom-made sign in seven to ten days so you won’t be waiting on us to open your business.