Illuminating Translucent Stone With LED Light Panels

Thinking about illuminating translucent stone? Here are a few frequently asked questions that we’ve answered to help guide you in the right direction:

Can LED Light Panels support a massive translucent stone slab?

Yes! LED Light Panels can support the weight of a stone slab; however there are a few important guidelines:

1. The LED panel is an acrylic sheet with LEDs installed along the edges. When placing weight on top, it is important that it is correctly supported to avoid any unnecessary bending or warping.

2. We recommend that there be at least .5 inch sheet of finished plywood or MDF below the LED Light Panel. Attention must be paid to the supporting surface to ensure that it is completely level with absolutely no bumps or dips which would cause cracking or warping. Countersink screws correctly and ensure the base is flat, smooth, and free from debris.

Should the LED Panel be attached to the stone slab?

No. Anything could happen to the LED Light Panel or stone slab, and the cost will be double to replace both components.

Can I order pre-cut LED Light Panels with holes for plumbing or electrical outlets?

Yes. We require that a CAD file be submitted to ensure that all cuts are exact. Alternatively, the LED Light Panels can be cut on site using the proper tools, please note that this will void your warranty.

How much space should be allowed between the back of the stone and the LED Light Panel?

Space is dependent on two factors; the type of material, as well as the type of LED Panel. Some installations require more spacing than others; feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide information in regards to layering specific to your project.

Will cross bracing supports show through the stone?

If necessary, we recommend constructing supports out of clear acrylic. Opaque supports (MDF, plywood, etc.) will be visible where they make contact. Let us know the type of stone that you have chosen and we will let you know how noticeable the lines will be.