Dynamic White LED Light Panels

Patented technology and superior craftsmanship separate our LED Light Panels from the competition. The Dynamic White LED Light Panel comes with a 3-year warranty covering defects in workmanship or material. We understand every detail and nuance of your design is important. Let us enhance your vision and not take away from it.

Dynamic White LED LightPanels are a dream come true for those seeking a dynamic backlighting solution. The secret is in the technology.

Controllable Color Temperature System

  • Adjustable color temperature between 2,700 ºK and 6,500 ºK
  • Dimmable from zero to maximum
  • Easy to use remote touch controller

The LED CCT and brightness controller is a remote touch panel and adopts a high precision touch control chip that increases touch sensitivity.

  • Power ON/OFF control
  • Output : Two channels, 6 amperes per channel
  • Supply voltage: D.C. 12 volt or 24 volt
  • Connection: Common anode
  • Resume function: Previous settings will be resumed
  • Output power: Maximum 72 watt at 12 volts, 144 watts at 24 volt
  • Control system: RF 2.4GHz, Maximum 30 meter / 98 feet