Technical Specifications

Get to know the LED light technical specifications for our LED Light Panels below:

[table th=”0″ caption=”LED Light Panel Specifications (Example : 1000mm x 700mm)” class=”table table-bordered” tablesorter=”0″] Frame Dimension, 1022mm x 722mm
Overall Size, 1000mm x 700mm
Graphic Size Viewing Size, 972mm x 672mm
Thickness / Width, 20mm thickness / 25mm width
Corner Finish, Rounded corner pieces
Surface Color, Anodized Silver White or Black
Cover, Convenient snap-frame
Mounting, Easily mountable for portrait or landscape mount
[/table] [table th=”0″ caption=”Light Guide Panel (Acrylic)” class=”table table-bordered” tablesorter=”0″] Diffusion, Pattern V-Cut by CNC machine/ Uniform and very bright Light Guide Panel
Thickness, 6.0mm thickness/ Clear/ pure virgin Acrylic panel
Reflecting sheet, High-quality reflective sheeting on backside and shorter edges
[/table] [table th=”0″ caption=”LED Strip” class=”table table-bordered” tablesorter=”0″] Samsung Chip, Very High Intensity & CRI
Interval, LED bulbs are 16.66mm (24LED per 500mm)
Rated Voltage D.C., 24Volts (Typical)
Power consumption, 12 watts / one meter of LED strip
Interconnecting wire, 20 AWG electric wire for interconnecting of both LED strips
Power supply and others, D.C. Power supply UL listed Output -D.C. 24 volt
A.C. Plug, UL standard A.C. Plug
Connection, Male plug on power supply / Female socket on LGP side
D.C. Jack, 5.5mm x 2.1mm x 9mm Center plus (+)
Lead wire, Around 5 foot (1.5 meter) cable with female jack on the light panel
Label, Instructions Indicate all electrical data/ carrying/mounting instruction/ caution etc.
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