You may have thought you were updating the look and efficiency of your office, restaurant or shop by switching to energy-saving overhead lights. While that may have been a good start, you can still turn it up a notch by lighting up other areas. Increase your space’s efficiency, visibility and ambiance even further with LED light panels under your cabinets.

LED Light Panels Custom-Sized to Fit in Space Under Cabinet
Whether you have no existing under-cabinet lighting or are stuck with energy-wasting, traditional under-cabinet lighting, LED light panels literally make an enlightened choice. Applications of these light panels are nearly limitless, especially since they can be installed beneath any type of structure and not just cabinets. Your office building could get a boost with targeted lighting in:

  • The break room under kitchen cabinets
  • The mail room beneath shelves that require high visibility beneath them
  • The office area that has cubicles with overhead shelving or cabinets for storage

Office buildings are not the only places that can benefit as the under-cabinet LED lighting creates an alluring ambiance for other establishments.

  • Under shelving units and cabinets in the bar area of clubs and restaurants
  • In the kitchen area of restaurants
  • In display cases or between shelves in retail shops where attention to detail is everything
  • At the front counter for targeted illumination on desks or working areas

LED Light Panel Advantages
The direct lighting provided by the LED light panel outweighs incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs for several reasons.

  • Creates more efficient use of light by casting light in a specific direction instead of in all directions
  • Saves energy by eliminating the need to always turn on overhead lights when you only need to see a targeted area
  • Provides ambiance and backlight for lesser-used rooms that may still need some type of illumination for safety reasons
  • Gives your company’s conference rooms, workspaces and other areas a polished, sophisticated look

LED Light Panel Features
Under-cabinet light panels come with a host of features that make them as efficient as they are easy to use.

  • Custom sizes to fit any under-cabinet area that best serves your needs
  • Patented V-Cut technology for viewer-friendly, even illumination with no hot spots
  • Easy installation that requires no specialized experience or high-cost work crews
  • 3-year warranty
  • Lifespan of 50,000+ hours

The panels were designed for sustainability and reliability, as evidenced by the generous warranty and the expected lifespan of 50,000 or more hours. They require very little maintenance, even if you consistently leave them on the background to softly illuminate a room.